The great start for quality sealcoating

June 3, 2013

For those who might ask, a sealcoating is one of the material used in the process of making an asphalt, a liquid type of black color which is the function is to protecting the asphalt from the oxidation effect and any damages cause by the winters cracking as well to strengthen the asphalt for trafficking purpose and protection against the UV rays from the sun. Unlike any other palaces especially in the place where the extreme freezing and thawing work is high, the period for the sealcoating need to be done again will likely to speed up from time to time. These sealcoating are very useful in some event and has consuming a lot of maintenance work on the asphalt which is not very works. The function is not just for the climate changes or weather protecting purposed but there is some other benefit from it. Since the asphalt material is made from the petroleum based, some other gases based such as gasoline or other gases will react immediately when it touches the asphalt surface, this problem can be such a burden since the reaction might loosen up the asphalt surface and much worse it might rip of the asphalt from it surface easily, that’s where the sealcoating comes for, by applying this coating on the asphalt surface it will prevent such reaction from any liquid or gases with the same petroleum bases. Another benefit from this sealcoating liquid is that it is not a filling for the cracking agent who is means applying this sealcoating must be done with the priority mentioned. Such well sprayed sealcoating on the asphalt surface can saves up the company for the project up to hundreds thousands and more money from the maintenance budgets. Which means much better applying sealcoating with extending the life of asphalt much longer than usual, but of course that is if the coating job is very well sprayed on the surface. Such light working and not priority will not do the trick. Upon using the sealcoating liquid also comes such a controversial issues such as the using of chemical reaction on the road. The main issues that come up from the material used for the asphalt, since the material made contain the coal tar, if not taking care of the process it can be taken off by the storm water which will lead to the contamination of lakes and water streams. As the result, this material has been banned in the entire US country, but still, this material have a better result when the process is done with priority and care. Other than that another issues is that this material can be harmful when the curing period for the sealcoating since it can be ingested by any human or animal and also by the surrounding soils which increasing the banned level of this material. Since the soils can be affected by the material, using this sealcoating near the stream water or lakes is not the best idea since the material can contaminate pollution to the surrounding area especially the lakes and animal in it.


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