Asphalt patching process and the types

June 3, 2013

When it comes to the condition of broken surface of the asphalt, some patching process will do the overall treatment on the road, since asphalt patching for the whole road is not needed and only few conditions that’s need to be done, that is when it come to the minor works of asphalt patching. For those who might ask, what is the asphalt patching? The term of asphalt patching is the process of repairing the road which has a damaged effect of cracking due to high traffic use, deteriorated areas due to low quality of asphalt grade, a loading docks or any defects on the asphalt surface, by doing the asphalt treatment of patching this problem can be solved. The method is first to clean the defected surface from any loose connection of asphalt and trimming the defected surface to treatable sizes, after that the spraying of tack coat will take places, the function of this tack coat is to make sure the new poured asphalt on the defected will be bonded permanently on the surrounding asphalt, normally used grade of tack coat is CSS1H. After that the new hot and loose asphalt will be poured on the treated sizes of road and will be packed by the hand compacter on the treated surface. For better quality of patching the steamroller can be used to do the compacting job. Later after that the sealcoating will be applied to make sure the surface of treated asphalt will have much extended life. But in some issues, using the sealcoating can be harmful to human and animal also to the surrounding, so other that this treatment method there is another type of treatment. One of the treatments of asphalt patching method is known by the skin patching of asphalt repairing method or commonly known as the chipseals method, this method works just like its name by applying a thin layer of asphalt material on the defected surface without first milling or grounding the existing layer. Before the layer is poured, a thin layer of sealcoat will be applied on the surface to make sure the chipseal will bound together when later compacted. For this type of patching is suitable for a treatment of a small cracking on the asphalt surface and small area defection. Another type of asphalt patching method is the potholes patching method, as it names, the pothole patching method is to treat the pot holes on the asphalt surface. The process of the treatment is quite the same as the previous method just that the amount of asphalt required for asphalt will be a little much than usual, this is because the normal size of potholes is sometime much greater and deeper than the normal defect. Other treatment method is by using the infrared patching method. This patching method is the most effective and fast method in correcting the imperfection of the surface, as the name of the treatment method, a high density of infrared waves will be applied on the pavement surface to lose up the bond between asphalt and then the correction compaction will be done on the area.


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